Making your High Protein Breakfast Healthy & Delicious

Our mission is simple, to make healthy living easy for you!

We know how easy it is to make a healthy lunch wrap and low carb dinner... However, when it comes to breakfast then you are stuck eating boiled eggs... And well that's horrible!

We are about to change that! We are breaking the boundaries with Easy & Convenient High Protein breakfast meals that will help you reach your goals!

Gone are the days that healthy foods taste like broccoli, now Healthy Meets Delicious!


2 Minute Breakfast

Need a quick breakfast? The Premium Porridge will ensure you get all the protein you need without compromising on taste!

Just mix the Porridge with 100ml of your favourite milk variant and BOOM! You are ready to take on the day!

I need a quick breakfast

Low Calorie is Lekker

We know diet foods are always boring which is why we are making it easier for you with our products.

Did you know our Protein Pancakes are meal prep friendly! You can freeze all your pancakes together in one bag! And easily remove the quantity you want, and after 10 seconds in the microwave your protein will be ready and waiting for you! This is perfect for those midday cravings!

Or if you want an even easier method just whip out your shaker and prepare our meal replacer or balanced blend within a minute to break those cravings!

Curb The Cravings Now

Packed with Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar is a powerful tool to improve your health, but we know drinking it with water is absolutely disgusting! So we decided to put it in a gummy form to help you consume this magical substance on a daily basis.

Boost my Immunity

High Protein Recipe Ideas

We have started a new Youtube channel where we are experimenting with new high protein recipes. So make sure to subscribe to make sure you don't miss any great tips and recipes!

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