High-Protein Breakfasts made easy

High-Protein Breakfasts made easy

It was during June 2020 that I was trying a paleo diet and to be honest with you, I really enjoyed it. I essentially ate a lot of meat and vegetables and just cut out anything that was processed. I wasn't extremely strict so I still used a normal whey protein and this made high protein breakfasts a bit easier. 

On a paleo diet, it was difficult to find ideas for high protein breakfasts so essentially I ended up eating eggs. Yip, for a few months I ate around 5 eggs every single morning for breakfast. 

Throughout the entire period that I followed the diet, I felt like it's a great plan but I struggled with breakfast as I was tired of eggs after like the third day.

Eventually I ended up just taking a protein shake for breakfast but this didn't last me long enough so I started experimenting with some ideas and finally the idea of the protein pancakes were born! 

I tried many recipes, protein pancakes with bananas, protein pancakes with oats, protein pancakes with plain yogurt, and finally figured out how to make a high protein breakfast that was easy to make and delicious to eat!

So if you are looking for high protein breakfast ideas, that's where Just Protein comes in! We have done all the experimentation for you so that you can get a healthy protein breakfast in without any struggles!

We have also developed a high protein breakfast weight loss recipe book which will help you make high protein meals in under 15 minutes!


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