Looking for a healthy breakfast without eggs?

Looking for a healthy breakfast without eggs?

Look, we've been there. I was trying the paleo diet, and man breakfast was hard! I was eating between 4-6 boiled eggs every single day! And I say I was paleo but I was not going to chow those eggs without my tomato sauce! 

It was a few weeks into the paleo diet that I really just decided that I needed to change my breakfast routine! This was when I started skipping breakfast and just having a protein shake, this lasted about 27 minutes before hunger set in again so that didn't work.

I then started experimenting with whey protein to try and make a high protein breakfast, and that's basically how the protein pancakes were born!

After launching the website, we got a few sales form social media which made me think that we are onto something here. A few months went by and I always faced one obstacle, the protein pancakes take around 5 minutes to make, we needed a solution that people can eat on the go. Just a chuck in a bowl and add water or milk. 

That's how the Protein Porridge and Cereal pops were born. To date our protein pancakes are still our best seller, however the protein porridge is also doing incredibly well and it is one of my personal favourite products! 

So now you know the backstory and if you need a high protein breakfast because you are tired of eggs, then we have exactly what you need!


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