Easy 3-Ingredient protein pancake recipe

Easy 3-Ingredient protein pancake recipe

The perfect high protein breakfast.

If you are looking for easy high protein meals then this recipe is definitely one to add to your books. This protein pancake recipe only requires 3 ingredients! 

What you will need to make 5 protein pancakes:

How to make the pancakes: 

Add 37 grams of the Pancake mix into a bowl, add 1 egg and the water/milk. And mix well. There might still be a few clumps but this won't be a problem, they will disappear as soon as the heat up in the pan.

Add the batter onto a medium heat pan, you will see a few bubbles appear and if you can get your spatula under the pancakes then they are ready to be flipped!

Once they are done, add some berries and honey to top them off!

This is the perfect low carb breakfast for anyone that loves a good pancake!

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